When It Comes

There will come a day when
you don’t have any claim on love.
When you are disqualified from its ecstasies
or from its perils.
The day you will carry up a broom
and start cleaning up the residues of heart.
Time is calling you
and you have to leave time behind.
You don’t tell anyone ‘my love’
Your lips have dried up.
You remain alone, in the dark
nothing shines, except your eyes
which is about to shut.
you remember nothing but the vague
moment you arrived from mothers womb, crying.
Now you ache to cry that cry.
You feel like sheet rolled up
or a door latched.
Things are not so hard
they are not easy either.
They are mere interventionns.


There is Nothing in Me

There is nothing in me, just fear
looted houses and empty streets
broken glasses and fallen leaves
sullen roads and torn clouds
There is nothing in me, just fear
naked sun and distant stars
loosened seas and wrecked ships
tired waves and receding shores
I am heaping in a trash
My kisses are awkward
Walks are lonely
Love is hopeless
What I need is a drenched star
Sobing sister
Yellow Jesus
broken wings

The End

I never had a vision
never I saw a God,
nor an Angel nor a demon.
Still I played with the wind,
caressed moon,
plucked some stars.
I sensed pigeons’ sorrow
I befriended ants.
I didn’t dream to become a doctor
engineer or a priest.
I wanted to be the graveyard keeper of butterflies.
I only wished to be inside a rain drop.
Sometimes I became mad.
then I rehearsed Moses’ parting of the red sea.
I became Samson and killed thousand philistines with the jawbone of an ass.
God came to me to consult before the creation of Eve.
I saw the ‘Starry Night’ of Vangog.
I was there when Goya painted the ‘Nude Maja’
It was I who poisoned and killed Napoleon Bonaparte.
Everyday I wrote letter to me
though no replay received.
Then madness deserted me.
I fell like Icarus.
Sun melted the wax wings of my madness.
Now I walk hiding my wings.
Now Birds laugh at me
Dogs bark mercilessly.
Sky denies entry.
Sea no more recognises me.
I’m condemned to be I’m.


Come to me with your songs and begging bowl.
Teach me your holy deceptions.
How can I be the perfect husband
And the perfect paramour?
Come, let us robe the hearts.
Let me languish in beauty.
Anoint me with blood and thistles
Put me in the war front.
Make me the prophet of doom
Let there be fire and hundred pestilences.
Fill in me your madness and drunken ecstasy
Maddened with madness, torn into pieces.
Grab the sky, empty the sea, put down the sundials
Let me go astray in your raucous emptiness.
Gather me in your wounds
Chain me with your freedom.
Loosen the net
Let me go!

Can I tell you?

Can I tell you,
I roll over in the sleep?
I sleep inside a wave.
Can I tell you,
I satnd in the shower for over an hour?
I like being washed away.
Can I tell you,
I watch old film comodies?
I hate them.
Can I tell you,
I can’t stand pain?
I bleed easily.
Can I tell you,
I am a bad guy?
I’ve heard girls like them.
Can I tell you,
I don’t keep promises?
They make me heavy.
Can I tell you,
I am afraid of death?
I want to see rain falling in the sea.
Can I tell you,
I believe in Jesus?
He saves me from Gods.

I am

I am not afraid to be alone,
sit in a corner where darkness
easily set in
I’ve seen birds erupting from clouds
I’ve seen sirens and their red lips of passion
I’ve seen lilies,dreaming whitnees
I’ve gone missing in the wild of a story
I’ve collected feathers of shadow
I’ve weeped into the hands of the night
I’ve seen God pitching tent on the sea
I’ve seen Jesus showing his wounds to a child
I’ve seen lightning roving a boat of hallows
I saw you bidding me goodbye .