One day,
We will forgo our names,
dance, songs.
We will stand still
Waiting for the wind
to carry us away

One day,
We will step aside
From our gestures
repose, words.
We will stand naked
Waiting for the sea
to sweep us away

One day
We will loose our feathers
passports, train tickets, bus routes
We will stand aloof
Waiting for the boat
from another river

One day
We will switch off
lights, computers
radios, cellphones
We will look around
Seeing nothing
Filling in a vaccum



in the vacuum of choice
a silly rain sumps up
your death wish

a shore is relentless
a sin is exuberant
your love is assembled with hard metals

you are a rat
in my cat visions
and a late train
swagger over a wish

I assure you my betrayal
my exquisite web of cunnings
come to my story
lock yourself in

GIRLS ( by Rilke)

Others must travel long paths
to reach the dark poets;
must always ask someone
if he has seen one of them singing
or placing hands on strings.
only girls don’t ask
what bridge leads to images;
only smile, brighter than pearl necklaces
ringing bowls of fine silver.

From their lives every door opens
onto a poet
and onto the world