Come to me with your songs and begging bowl.
Teach me your holy deceptions.
How can I be the perfect husband
And the perfect paramour?
Come, let us robe the hearts.
Let me languish in beauty.
Anoint me with blood and thistles
Put me in the war front.
Make me the prophet of doom
Let there be fire and hundred pestilences.
Fill in me your madness and drunken ecstasy
Maddened with madness, torn into pieces.
Grab the sky, empty the sea, put down the sundials
Let me go astray in your raucous emptiness.
Gather me in your wounds
Chain me with your freedom.
Loosen the net
Let me go!


Business & Money

Some people instantly make us feel important. Some people instantly make us feel special. Some people light up a room just by walking in.

We can’t always define it, but some people have it: They’re naturally charismatic.

Unfortunately, natural charisma quickly loses its impact. Familiarity breeds, well, familiarity.

But some people are remarkably charismatic: They build and maintain great relationships, consistently influence (in a good way) the people around them, consistently make people feel better about themselves–they’re the kind of people everyone wants to be around…and wants to be.

Fortunately we can, because being remarkably charismatic isn’t about our level of success or our presentation skills or how we dress or the image we project–it’s about what we do.

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Here are the 10 habits of remarkably charismatic people:

1. They listen way more than they talk.

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I don’t know how far I can go this way
Perplexed by life
Charmed by oblivion.
I’m not going to die
I will live there in that vast aloofness
In the depth of a mirror.
I will let myself go
Like soap-bubbles in the wind.
Do you think I’m afraid to say goodbye
I can easily fall back and disappear
Leaving you to your splendour
How easily the speck of rain on your hair dissolved!
Things are easy like the shrug of the shoulder.
I am going there
Where are no look out notice
My crimes are secure.
Where pictures are alive
lies are true.


You called me soulless!
A savage revenge for calling you heartless.
It was a good diagnosis!
But where you broken open to see its absence?
Where your harsh eyes pierced?
Once I had it, a sullen soul
Dissolved suddenly when someone touched.
Ever since I am rooted in its absence.
Don’t worry about being heartless
Heart is a nowhere place
A myth we carry on and
There are replacements
You can fall in love with a plastic heart
Though have it to teach it to cheat.
But soul is a trial, the court of invisibles
Or tears of laughter
Its not something we grasp but forfeit.

Rigid Moon

I saw you under palm trees
You didn’t mind they whistle hot
I saw your dark hair shimmering
Beneath a white shall
Like a crescent over the night
I felt like weaving my hands
Through your hair
And smell its dark forests
There was a rigid moon above
Watching you whispering prayers
I felt jealous of your God.
In what love you will last?
In what promise you will trust?