I don’t Believe the God..

Of Aristotle

Who is just a boring immobile. Aristotle made God a driver of a big cargo train. He goes on driving and now he himself can’t stop. Should we believe in a God who is not moved by our tears, anguish and rebellion?

Of Descartes

God of Descartes does not explain anything because he is incomprehensible. Descartes needs a God so that he may not fall in error.

Cogito in Nietzsche is impossible, cogito in Descartes is possible but useless. But, his God is just useful.

Pascal was not far off in saying that the Cartesian God was remote from anything significantly Christian.

A used God is an exploited God.

Of Spinoza

Spinoza may be a single philosopher who lived what he believed. Perhaps the greatest vision of God ever had in philosophy came in this out casted Jew. Einstein famously said “ I believe in the God of Spinoza,” who is the God of Spinoza? A cosmic mind and we are all ripples on the surface of this God.

But, I can’t digest its passivity. His message that ‘the world is magnificent and to be enjoyed, and that we should not repine our lot in it’, seems to be too compromising. Are we mere flies caught in the web waiting for our predator to mow us down?

Spinoza’s God is tepid; he can’t shed a single tear. Spinoza’s philosophy is an attempt to shut out pain and to manage a happy life.

I will give my vote to Camus who said “ I rebel therefore, I exist.”

Of Kant.

Such a serious God who makes us glaze over and who is sure to die with a hear attack!

Will Durant compared Kant to Jehovah, saying, “He speaks through clouds, but without the illumination of his lightning flash.”

God of Kant is the God of law, of categorical imperative. His God will allow things that surely should be banned, while outlawing things thing that don’t seem to matter very much.

No matter how loudly you cry, he won’t be moved unless his categorical imperative allows that.

Of preachers.

Ultimately a God of lies. More louder their voice more vain is their God. We will not be able to see a Spinoza among these preachers, who lives what he says.  They are good at exploiting the sentiments of people and cunningly keep people in eternal infancy. About God, they are surer than God himself. God seems to become a toy in their hands.

Still, God makes use of this tongue rowdies to save somebody for him! Which is a wonder!

Of Priests

Those priests who acts like policemen of people’s liberty and behavior, lack humility and lord over people, abused innocent children and became Herods to infant Jesus, become regular guests at the table of the exploiters of poor,  steal best of the sheep and best of the vineyards, celebrate His sacrifice fervently and preach his Gospel cock surely though don’t have a peck of believe in Him. Those modern day pharisees and scribes whom Jesus said, “Woe to you. .”

I Believe the God…

Of St. Augustine

Because he asked one of the profoundest God questions: “What I love when I say that I love my God?”

Of Kierkegaard

Because I too believe that God is completely the “other”. Kierkegaard knows the abode of God. “ if you have never been solitary, you have never discovered that God exists.”

Of Nietzsche

Nietzsche, the mad prophet who proclaimed the death of God. But, who is that dead God? The God of metaphysics and theology as long as they speak of an omnipotent, omniscient, and prime mover, the God of accusation, and condemnation. Ultimately ‘the idol’ God who man fashioned according to his own image. This moral God must be dead then only the God of being will speak.

In his madness Nietzsche must have met God; otherwise, he cannot write, “when you look into an abyss, the abyss looks back to you.”

Of Priests and Nuns

Thousands of those who bring good news to the poor and downtrodden, who sacrifice their life for others, the God of Maxim William Kolbe, Romero and Mother Teresa.

Of St. Francis

That God who alone is sufficient, rest can be abandoned. A God who is in ruins, walks in the periphery, a minor God who languishes himself in beauty, in the golden hair of the sun, saturating heart of the river, light feathers of the rain. The eternal dancing lover God.

Of Jesus Christ

But is there a God Beyond Jesus? Should we seek one? Is not this man our answer for God? In him we get not the answer for how many Gods are there but, how much God is there. How many Gods are there is a useless question. But, if the question is “how much God is there?” Then Jesus, the man is the answer. Beyond him God can be anything, a pure transcendental idea, consciousness, and an amalgam of light and darkness.

Simone Weil knows what sort of God Jesus is, “Jehovah and Allah are all natural Gods but Jesus alone is the supernatural God.”