Matter Of Fact

God is material and devil is spiritual. In the beginning, God created everything and found it good. Then from where evil came? It was originated in the mind, mentally or spiritually. I owe GK Chesterton so much for bringing me to this idea.

Evil is an existence which is not actual but spiritual that has no existence like that of matter. God alone exists. Evil is there as if it is there. Indian philosophy calls it Maya. But this spiritual evil is powerful enough to falsify the nature of matter. Evil breeds in the mind then it proceeds to feign the matter. First, one decides to kill then follows the act of killing.

God is material but not materialistic. Both spiritual and materialistic tries to find a meaning beneath the phenomenon. Spiritualism and materialism do not trust in the surface of things. They go deep into the thing, searching for their meaning and end up disfiguring them. There is a secret resonance between spiritual and materialistic.

The matter is pure because it is not something else. A stone is a stone and not a flower. The sky is sky and not desert. Spiritual is impure because it can be something else and many.

Spirit is not a spiritual thing but a material thing which exists virtually. As Deleuze says life contains only virtuals. What we call virtual is not something that lacks reality but something that works as a source of everything that comes into existence. Virtual is not like possible since possible is not yet real but virtual is already real. Only virtual come into existence. Spiritual can never be actual. Even when spiritual come into existence it is a disguised existence like devil becoming serpent to tempt Adam and Eve. Our greatest mistake lies in placing a material thing like spirit in a spiritual world. The spirit should be in a virtual reality and not in a ghostly spiritual world because the spirit is not spiritual. Spirit does not change nature but works on nature while evil tries to change nature. Devil asked Christ to change stone into bread. Jesus refuses but later Jesus did multiply bread into thousand pieces. They are still bread, though multiplied.

What we need today is a material understanding of Christ, Cross, and the resurrection. All our spiritual interpretation has disfigured Christ and disqualified him as transcendence. According to the spiritual interpretation, the meaning is not in the text or in events but is elsewhere. Spiritual interpretation can be easily idealist and undermine the power of the idea to be real. That is why spiritual meaning is often a fabricated meaning.

In christ, God is immanently material. He sleeps, dreams, shouts, laughs, prays, doubts, eats and excretes. Sometimes his body fails him and sometimes his mind fails him but he clings to his spirit without trusting in any spiritual consolations. Jesus revolts against the transcendence of God and his useless omnipotence and omniscience. God’s despairing insinuations are questioned and His inhuman laws are implicated. Jesus exposed the greatest failure of God, his failure to be material. Jesus destroys the transcendence of God by bearing Him in his wounded, withering and dying flesh. Because transcendence is heinous, As Deleuze observes,
“Transcendence freezes living, makes it coagulate and lose its flow; it seeks to capture the vital difference that outruns all thought and submit to the judgment of a single perspective,a perspective that stands outside difference and gathers it into manageable categories. Transcendence substitutes knowledge for thought.”

His death extols the most deadly material thing, the cross. He proves that redemption is impossible without materiality. When he is resurrected he was so human and material that his disciples failed to recognise him. the stop he tells them repeatedly that he is not a ghost known a spirit. Now he feeds us as a material thing, a piece of bread. Jesus was a material God, he remains as a material God. He is with us materially, virtually and really.