The End

I never had a vision
never I saw a God,
nor an Angel nor a demon.
Still I played with the wind,
caressed moon,
plucked some stars.
I sensed pigeons’ sorrow
I befriended ants.
I didn’t dream to become a doctor
engineer or a priest.
I wanted to be the graveyard keeper of butterflies.
I only wished to be inside a rain drop.
Sometimes I became mad.
then I rehearsed Moses’ parting of the red sea.
I became Samson and killed thousand philistines with the jawbone of an ass.
God came to me to consult before the creation of Eve.
I saw the ‘Starry Night’ of Vangog.
I was there when Goya painted the ‘Nude Maja’
It was I who poisoned and killed Napoleon Bonaparte.
Everyday I wrote letter to me
though no replay received.
Then madness deserted me.
I fell like Icarus.
Sun melted the wax wings of my madness.
Now I walk hiding my wings.
Now Birds laugh at me
Dogs bark mercilessly.
Sky denies entry.
Sea no more recognises me.
I’m condemned to be I’m.


2 thoughts on “The End

  1. sureshkumar says:

    dear friend….wow superb…you walk as though you are flying….let sky deny u there is abyss to receive u… i like the beauty of the construction of the sentences and the depth in it….

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