Jesus and Eating

Jesus loved food. That’s how he came, eating and drinking. Did people call him a glutton?
They might have. He brushed aside all their accusations and enjoyed what was set in front of him. One of his temptations was concerning bread. The tempter asked him to turn the stone into bread. The hungry jesus refused it because he loved bread and knew changing stone into bread is an insult to bread. If Jesus had changed stone into bread, devil might have changed man’s all breads into stones. Jesus prevented that catastrophe.
His first miracle is related to drinking. He changed water into wine. He did it to save a family from public shame. When we put someone in shame that will change our wine into water. Actually there is no miracle in this miracle. Nature changes water into wine at every hour. The water that runs in the river becomes the sap of grapes. We call this miracle as natural. Here, Jesus is a grape, in him all water will change into wine.
Jesus always made a pay back. He ate and drunk. At the end, he gave away his body to be eaten and his blood to be drunk. He became a food. Now goes on not by eating but by eaten. He just reversed his existence.
After the resurrection He always demands food: “Children have you caught anything to eat?”, “bring some of the fish you caught”, “come have breakfast”, “Do you have anything to eat? They gave him a piece of broiled fish. He took it and ate before them.’
Eating was the way he showed them that he is still a human and not a spirit.
Jesus, after his resurrection remained corporeal and material. Perhaps, now for Jesus there is no distinction between body and spirit. He is too bodily since he has given it up. Whatever you have given up is yours.
Perhaps, nothing is material as God.

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