Jesus And His Miracle

Jesus and His Miracles
I do not believe that Jesus did any miracle! Jesus was restoring things. The miracles of Jesus are restorations. Man is supposed to be well, walk, speak and see. But he found them wanting, missing the essential things about being human. So he set about to restore what man lacked. He said to the paralytic, “walk”, to the blind, “let you see”, to the sick, “Be well”. Their power and beauty of being human were restored. Jesus was not doing any charity. He was giving back what they should have. I am particularly impressed by the French writer, Francois Mauriac’s observation that in the Bible when Jesus forgave sinners and healed the sicks, they were real sinners and sick people. He didn’t make them sinners and sick to forgive and heal. Nonetheless, now we are making people sinners and sick so that we can forgive and heal them.
Among his miracles, the breaking of bread exhibits the peculiar characteristic of restoration. To do this miracles jesus had need of five loves. Jesus did not just do this miracle out of nothing. If there were not these five loaves he would not have done it. When he blessed and gave them to share among men, He was waking up the power of bread to multiply. Jesus is telling us that the bread in our hands has the power to multiply itself. The breand can multiply if we break open our hands and share. The sin of the world is that it tries to destroy the inherent capacity of the bread and keep it locked in godowns. So millions are hungry though they should not. Bread wants to satiate man’s hunger but rapacious men prevents.
So there will be a wrath of bread!