We Will

We will go and live by the shore
we will pitch small tent in the wind
we will have garden of oysters
we will paint the sands with pink and maroon
we will swim in the sea sometimes together
sometimes alone
we will count the waves in the day
and stars in the night
we will walk from one end of the shore
to the other
sometimes together sometimes alone
I shall be old, you must remain young
When time baffles you
And I hear you sob in the night
I will know its time to let you go
When time drifts us away don’t cry
you are just obeying the tides
who in turn is obeying moon
moon in turn is obeying sun
we are under the obedience
of a force that pull us together and apart
I will stand there in gratitude
watching the slant moon light
that falls and shivers on the water


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