The Space

then I began to love the space.
the space that exists between people,
where there no people, God, nothing.
it is less than nothing, still more than everything.
I thirsted for this emptiness, this eeriness.
I want to touch it, taste it, die it.
but how to touch what is not there, what has no life?
sometimes in the night,
when all the lights are gone,
when the sky is closely shut
I felt its coldness inside my heart
and a murmur behind my shadow.
I know its trying to occupy my heart,
overtake my shadows.
suddenly a shrill went through my spines!
what i will be?
what I will be?
after a cloth?
after a dim?
after a silence?
after a lost?
perhaps, nothing is loveable and loathsome.
everything is mercury and neon light
everything is pyramids and ribbon knots
by the time you reach, you delivered in to a surprising dance,
all whirls and rhythms and spinning.
you just don’t remain,you are looped into dissolve.


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