I am Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche munch

I am a suspect,
burning sadness
eyes of the night,
catcher of shadows,
lover of endings.
I craved to kill
Innocence and beauty.
They are all fakes.
I shed my feathers of a dove
to become a lion and roar furiously.
I could not settle on anything
I knew nothing abides
everything is in flow.
I stood without gestures
without hope, without truth.
Pleading nothing, asking no mercy.
At the extreme limit of everything
there is only nonsense.
They say I killed God
No, he was already dead.
He was killed by his religions,priests and worshippers.
They made him a cruel God of accusation and condemnation.
I am just a messenger of this good tiding.
I want to live beyond good and evil beyond light and darkness
where everything dissipates.
No hell can accommodate my darkness.
No woman can kiss my wounds.
I walked covering my face
stumbling upon deaths.
I got rooted in crime, my innocence.
look, every near is far,
every comedy is actually a tragedy.
Don’t be consoled,
all consolations takes you away from truth.
girdle yourself,take up your arms
wage your war,bleed at your roots, die your death.


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