God is not his blessings, at least. When those people who has extra cars, extra houses and extra wealth say that they have God with them, they are confusing God with his blessings. His rain come up on the Good and bad, His sun rises for greedy and detached. Often, blessing is the way God takes leave of somebody. He blesses certain people abundantly so that he can take leave of him. The God who blesses some people and curse others is a religious God, not the God of pure being. God doesn’t know curses. In the same way God doesn’t know the non-repentant sinner. You are in hell when God doesn’t know you. There are no curses but only misfortunes. One’s fortunes and misfortunes are not determined by God but by world. World is a blessing of God but not God. God can be cloudy in blessings but in…

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