A Brief Introduction to Søren Kierkegaard

Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) is a philosopher of high shape of thought, though unusually uneasy. He wrote some immortal philosophical books at the same time made philosophy or poetry out of his life. Kierkegaard’s many-faceted thought resists all the groupings and linear format of traditions and his way of writings are travestied with deliberate misgivings. He is like a rainbow that dissolves by the time we catch its colour or like tree planted upside down and grow where nothing else can grow. A thinker of such psychological acuity, huge literary talent and fertile imagination that he dwarfs anything that is not of eternity. In his hands Philosophy becomes supple poetry and poetry finds loftier grounds of intimations. He writes with an apocalyptical urgency and confessional frankness where impossibilities are narrowed and distances are vivid with rays of setting sun. His thoughts leave punctures in our heart, as if he knows the secrets of our failures.
It is not dogmatic certitudes that interwoven his style but a sphere of rigor and passions which enliven sunken human aspirations. He is a genius who happened to be a philosopher; if he were a musician he would have equalled Mozart, and Kafka if he tried hands in literature.


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