Vanity (not bag)

We all are vain about something. I was vain about my hair till I lost it but the vanity still lingers on.
A mirror piece on the road may stop someone to adjust his hair. I can’t bear people who are vain about their teeth, nothing is artificial as their smile.
Recently my friend wrote to me that she has forsaken all the vanities of life, especially the vanity of love. She made me to think about vanity. I’m not a big fan of Coreth’s vanity talk in Bible. Even Bible can assume a deceptive voice if we don’t really understand the intention and background of the author. In Indian philosophy Sankara speaks about vanity (maya). According to him vanity is the appearance. The movie, Matrix is an interesting study on vanity and real. According to matrix we are all living in a stimulated reality controlled by intelligent machines, these intelligent machines use us as their energy source. In oder to escape from this stimulated reality, one should know matrix. It is a gnostic movie. Gnosticism believes that we can redeem ourselves only through knowledge. The movie has lot of philosophical implications.
The what is Real? The Real is that which always comes back.
What should I say to my friend about vanity? One thing is sure we can’t stop playing the game. The game must go on even when we know it is nothing, because our redemption is in playing it out. Only by playing we can surpass its deceptiveness. Life and love may turn out to be useless passions and the greatest love will become skeleton of feeble memories. Still we need to live and love as though they are are eternal. Nagarjuna has perfect vision of it,”as long as you are able to distinguish between samsara(world) and Moksha, you are in samsara.” it means when we are in reality we don’t know vanity and when we are in vanity we don’t know what is reality.It is our judgments that defeat us.
So life and love are not vanities if we don’t expect too much from them. If we don’t expect anything from them, they will be kind us to show what is not vanity.


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