Philosophical dialogues sound awkward in most of the movies. But in animated movies they are great, as if animals know how to be metaphysical! It reminds me what Milan Kundera said about paradise: “our wish to go back to paradise is our wish to become animals, because animals alone were not expelled from paradise.”
Rango Is an animated movie with excellent philosophical insights. I like its introduction where four singing howls introduce the hero: “it is the story of a hero who has not yet entered into his own story.” Rango is a sheltered chameleon living as an ordinary family pet, while facing a major identity crisis. He acts out many imaginary roles in an aquarium, because he cannot be himself. He gets an epiphany that “Hero cannot exist in vacuum.”
He accidentally falls in the Mojave desert after the fall from his owner’s car. There he meets an armadillo who is in search of enlightenment which lies at other side of the road. He is ran over by a vehicle. Rango asks him, “why can’t you travel when there is no vehicles”. Then he says “can’t help friend, these are all metaphors”
vehicle are metaphors? only a philosopher can call them metaphors. It underlines my understanding of Philosopher: philosopher is a silly man!!
But in silliness lies the heart of the matter.


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