Starry Night

your eyes never grew old,
they were the timid eyes of a child.
They saw things for first,
Never to repeat
Winter could easily fall in to,
Storm could easily flew over
When you looked, the Stars
from all the corners of the sky
rushed in to your eyes
Storm went quite and began
to quiver around wheatfield
Crows veered over those yellow sea
amber buds stood up to shake your hands
Sunflower switched in to flames
Colours changed hue
But women, they alone
refused to see you.
You said to her father:
“I am going away, just want to see her till
I keep my hand over this flame and withdraw.
She knew you wouldn’t
even if its all burnt
Vincent, who can sustain your look?
Only a storm, only a starry night,
Only irises and almond branches
On that starry night you took your life
with a gunshot that echoes still.
You fell like a crushed bird
eyes scattering like coffins.
Now Who will see the apricot trees?
Who will house the storm?
who will sew stars to the blue attic of heaven?
You were the eyes that god saw him.


2 thoughts on “Starry Night

    • sunil,

      i thought vangog all is his eyes…..his death means the death of his eyes everything it had seen…
      so i brought that metaphor to show its pang…after all a poem can bear anything even something beyond comprehension..

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